Herbs of Gold Stress Ease

Herbs of Gold Stress Ease

Herbs of Gold is a popular Australian herbal and nutritional supplement brand. Since 1989, the company has produced various highly-acclaimed natural products that are regularly marketed in Australia and around the world. Every product developed by Herbs of Life contains a rich combination of herbs, vitamins and minerals.

The company has a dedicated research department that scientifically evaluates individual elements of each product. The funding for Herbs of Gold is provided by the Vita Life Group. As such, the group is one of the most popular healthcare firms in Australia, which is also listed at the Australian Stock Exchange. To maintain the integrity of the brand and the company, the manufacturing facility is licensed by the Australian Government. The licensing also means that herbal products made by Herbs of Gold are regarded as a benchmark for the local industry.

For quality control purposes, the research focus on the traditional knowledge of herbs and supplements. The known qualities of the product are further evaluated in the scientific laboratory to ensure its effectiveness. In fact, Herbs of Gold Stress Ease makes products for almost every known health condition. The product range includes remedies for muscle pains, cold, hair treatment, skin allergies and sleep disorders, among others.

The success of the brand is based on the awareness of herbal medicine in the Australian society. Traditional herbal medicines are known to provide cure dating back to 2800 B.C. Treatments from a variety of herbal medicines are also well documented in the ancient texts. Based on the traditional source and scientific research, herbal products for Herbs Of Life are derived from ancient texts of European, Chinese and Ayurvedic cultures.

Herbs of Life strives to be a leader in the natural healthcare industry. Already, the brand has revolutionized the herbal industry by offering medicine based on modern scientific research. In the future, the company aims to become a worldwide leader known for the effectiveness of its herbal medicines.

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